Letters, Emails, Contact Us

A place where family, friends, and others may leave personal notes, messages, and other communications for Jared and his family. Our intention is to also provide Jared with an archive of his journey.

Feel free to leave your messages in the fields below, which we will moderate and publish as appropriate. Please make it clear if you want your comments private

One thought on “Letters, Emails, Contact Us

  1. This message is for Jared,

    My name is Michael Conrad, I have my undergrad from WPI and I am back finishing a Masters. I am paralyzed due to a tree as well, it came down on me though. I was at the Shepard Center in 2011 and have been working and back in the swing for years, so have faith! lets meet up on your return, got plenty of suggestions and answers to any questions you might have. I am a T6/7 complete Para, so my heart really goes out to you. The good thing to look forward to though is where you got injured is the widest part of the cord and given your injury, chances are extremely good at bare minimum you will regain full use of your hands. I have many friends with high injuries that drive, type and more without issue. My email is MAConrad@wpi,edu , feel free to contact me for anything.


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