A nice article on Jared

“WPI student begins challenging journey after spinal cord injury

Worcester Mass, By Steven H. Foskett Jr.
Telegram & Gazette Staff

As you can imagine, with the news of Jared’s injury we have been contacted by news sources wanting to tell his story. This is another new terrain for us brought on by the trauma. You can follow a link below to an article written by Steven H. Foskett Jr. of the Telegram in Worcester, MA.

We appreciate that Steven didn’t dramatize Jared’s story after interviewing Jared, his dad John and me. The story is told in an honest and informative way.

We only hope that with the publishing of such an article, including the blog which you are now reading, the informative and candid posts will help others on a similar journey.

Here is a link to the article.

May 21 – 9am

So…….You just can’t make this shit up….

We arrived at the hospital this morning at 6am after about 4 hrs of sleep anticipating leaving at 730 am – the nurses prepped Jared for transport and we sat in our delirium waiting for the ambulance to arrive. 

90 minutes pass and we are told ambulance is scheduled for 915 am

9am – Celeste (the UMass social worker) walks in and says “We have a problem” – Shepherd is on Lockdown and can’t take patients! Their computer system crashed and they can’t do admissions. The electronic world we live in is not perfect and we have become totally reliant on it. Our plane is waiting at Worcester and is now headed to Florida for another patient. 

Okay…..so….what do you say? What can you do? Just forge ahead – be positive. Leave tomorrow as we had originally thought on Monday.  No one to blame – no ones fault- getting all pissed off isn’t going to help anything or anyone so we are frustrated but understanding and we can make it one more day…….

Bladder, bowel and other things we don’t like to talk about

Today we had to work on getting “things” to move as with this type of injury the normal functions are inturupted. With several special cocktails down we had great volumes of success. 

During an ultrasound to determine how full Jared’s bladder was he asked “Could you tell if it is a girl or a boy?”  He continues to amaze us on how well he is dealing with such a devastating injury. Jared truly is GrierStrong. 

365 ML is a very full bladder
The pee volume detection machine

Tuesday May 19

After Jareds procedure yesterday I didn’t want to jinx us but we talked with the surgeon and asked if there was a way we could get out of here by Friday.He said he didn’t think it was unreasonable, barring any major complications.  I called the air ambulance and shepherd and verified they had room for us. Now we wait another agonizing 4 days.

1pm – went to lunch and got a voicemail from Celeste, the social worker from UMass, WE HAVE BEEN UPPED TO THURSDAY!!

Cross fingers, say prayers and hold your breath!!!


Charles, Jareds “Grandbig” from the fraternity has been constantly by Jareds side