Letters, emails and correspondence

How to donate at YouCaring for Jared

If you would like to mail Jared a letter or package, his address is:  Jared Richard Grier, c/o Shepherd Center, 2020 Peachtree Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30309


Email from Beth Grady – John’s friend of 25+ yrs:

Hi all, as you may or may not know, my wonderful friend John Grier’s son Jared fell out of a tree on his last day of freshman year of college at Worcester Polytech Institute on May 7th. He fractured his C6 vertebrae, leaving him an incomplete quadriplegic. Basically he has limited use of his arms, wrists and thumbs. His brilliant engineer’s brain fortunately is fine. Unless the medical world catches up with him he will never have any ability to move his body from the waist down. There is some hope that,through rehab, he may be able to gain some limited use of his fingers and upper body.

John is one of Tim’s best friends from childhood, he was best man at our wedding, Tim and I lived with John in Middlefield for several years, and our children grew up together, especially close, as we have spent a week at Charlestown Beach RI together for the past 22 years, John continuing the tradition with me even after the divorce. He is one of the most compassionate, capable, creative, and motivated people I have ever met. Any time myself or any one of his friends asks for help, he is there immediately, always with the solution for the difficult problem. He i s the go-to guy for the margaritas at the beach, the deep fried turkeys at our many parties, the huge blazing fire pits, the deepest hole for the kids at the beach, the biggest totem poles ever erected in RI! The list goes on and on…..

Watching him and his family go through this tragedy is both heartbreaking and¬†inspiring. Jared has an unbelievable network of friends from WPI who have been there with him at the ICU unit at UMASS General day in and day out. He belongs to an engineering fraternity, some of who are bio medical engineers, and I believe together this group may really make a difference in the lives of people with spinal injuries. Jared’s attitude is very positive and he is already problem solving ways to scratch his face and work his phone! As you all know, I am not on facebook. In these moments, however, I realize the power social media has. I am forwarding a link to a fundraising site started by his high school graduating class that has raised $25,000.00 in just 2 days! The costs to this family will be staggering. He is being flown to The Shepherd Home in Atlanta today for 3-6 months of rehab. Luckily John’s home has an in-law apartment attached which can be made into a handicapped accessible place for Jared to live. WPI has vowed that Jared will finish his degree, from home, or at school, if they can accommodate him. The family will need to buy a van, specialized wheelchairs and really, we can’t even begin to imagine what else. Within this forwarded fundraising site (see below) is a link to a blog which has been set up chronicling this journey if you are interested. What I am asking is for people to give if you can, but more importantly, to put this out on your facebook pages if you feel comfortable with that. Or if, like me, you don’t do the facebook thing, spread by email or word of mouth. Together we can make a difference!
with love, Beth

May 20, 2015 – 8:38 pm

So….Life is a rollercoaster….at 630 pm we had 12 people in Jareds room all wishing him Bon Voyage….our bags are packed…I called Critical Care Medflight to confirm everything, Celeste the social worker from UMass confirmed everything with us and said 2am was abort time.

Went out to dinner with Nancy and got a phone call…..Flight postponed…..Shepherd had an ICU admit that took Jareds bed…Now on for Friday….possibly…..

730 pm – John gets a call from Shepherd, there may be a possibility that a patient at Shepherd will be released from ICU but they won’t know until 730am tomorrow. Our critical care med flight is already sitting at Worcester Airport. We could just get on now, so close yet so far……..Aaaaarrrggghh. Patience….This whole journey has a meaning…things will work out the way they are supposed to….patience….another glass of wine…..

Drive 90 min home….sleep….repeat….