4 Tricks to Use Your Straightener More Efficiently


Hair straighteners are typically used to fix the curls. In any case, few individuals realize that straighteners can likewise be utilized to convert your hair into wondrous twists. How to curl hair with a straightener for beginners? At first, make sense of which measure straightener is best for your hair type. Furthermore, know the distinction between the diverse kinds of straighteners. Here are few tricks to use straightener more efficiently:

  • Choose Your Straightener According to Your Hairtype

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For short and thin hair – 1″ level iron

For modestly thick hair (mid length) – 1 ¼” level iron

For long and thick hair – 1 ½” level iron

Additionally, ensure that you utilize a hair straightener with earthenware plates as it appropriates the warmth equitably and does scarcely any harm to your hair.

  • Use Hair Spray

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Before you begin playing around your hair with a straightener or a hair curler, utilize a warmth protection spray, as utilizing it straightforwardly can cause dryness and damage. How to curl hair with a straightener for beginners? The shower makes your hair sodden and goes about as a shield between your hair and the iron. How about we make one thing clear: no cleanser or conditioner will give you straight hair. In any case, hair care things marked “smoothing” might almost certainly help set up the strands for the procedure by giving significant dampness.

  • Keep an Eye on Your Temperature

This is one of the most important things to watch out for. Continuously secure your hair by maintaining a strategic distance from too-hot temperatures. “The 450-degree setting was structured explicitly for in-salon, proficient keratin medicines,” Hair Stylist says. It wasn’t intended for purchasers. However at this point, everybody can utilize it, which makes the at-home procedure quicker.

  • Distinguish Between Value and Price

It’s anything but difficult to dash out to the store and purchase the primary modest straightener you see. On the off chance that you do, you’ll most likely end up doing likewise again a couple of months after the fact. However, your hair may look more terrible than it did with the last buy. The issue with shoddy straighteners is that they will in general break all the more rapidly.

Pricier irons offer a more noteworthy esteem. Your straightener will keep going for a considerable length of time, and you won’t need to spend money on costly hair medications to cure the harm brought about by a shabby straightener. After some time, you may even set aside some cash, since you won’t need to continually supplant broken irons.

Hope the blog has provided valuable information as to How to curl hair with a straightener for beginners? Follow these tips to get those curls. Stay connected to us for more sections. Thanks For reading!


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