For Jared’s Benefit

This is a post from John. I am sending this post to everyone that may not have seen it via FaceBook. My childhood friend Tim Grady and Steven Prasinos have been working to put this event together for Jared and I wanted anyone not on FaceBook to have a chance to hear about it. Jared is back at school doing very well. He will be home for his first break and will be at this event to see eveyone able to make it. There have been so many people that have reached out to Jared and continue to have an interest in how he is doing that I wanted you all to be ware of this should you want to come and see Jared.

A year ago this past May, our old friend John Grier’s son Jared, then a freshman at WPI, fell from a tree broke his neck, and became paralyzed from the chest down. Since that time, through hard work in rehab every day, Jared has made remarkable progress and will continue to do so.

John and his wife Sue have been devoted in helping Jared learn to accept and cope with the realities of his new life.

In addition to the physical and emotional toll Jared’s injury has taken on all the Grier family, the financial burden in supporting his recovery has been immense. Costs include wheel chairs, house remodeling, rehabilitation, visiting nurses, accessible transportation, and medicines.

Many have already stepped forward and generously given their support.  Still, significantly more help is needed.

Please join Jared’s community of family and friends on Sunday October 23rd at the Cypress Grill in Middletown, CT at 2pm for a benefit in his honor.  There will be food, live music, raffles/silent auction.

We hope you will join us!

Even if you can’t make it, please consider buying a ticket to support this courageous young man.