Long time coming

Speaking in the third person, this post is by Jared. I just haven’t created my own account for the blog.


Okay so I tried to write a post a few times now but I just don’t like talking about myself. I figured a lot of you guys might be wondering what I’ve been up to since I haven’t posted very much at all on the blog nor the Grier strong page. I’m still doing my therapy three times a week and I’m also taking two online courses through Southern New Hampshire University. I decided to take cognitive psychology and differential equations. The math is for my major and the psych course… Well I guess that’s just a good elective and I find it pretty interesting.

Apart from all that I’m pretty much just staying busy where I can as well as staying as warm as I can. Even though winter hasn’t really come yet I still have a serious struggle when it comes to staying warm. As with any able-bodied person your body acts as a furnace keeping you warm as your blood rushes through you but unfortunately for me my furnace is off and the only thing still lit is the pilot light (my heart). So there’s lots of layers and fireplace time currently and in the near future.

The last research checkup I had went well and I’m continuing to slowly progress with sensory and motor function. The progress right now is very minimal but anything is huge. Basically I can feel slightly more on my hands and I seem to be gaining back a bit more of my core, which will make balance so much easier.

Slowly I’m falling into a new routine in life and coming to terms with my new normal. Unfortunately there are still so many unknowns right now and what I do today will most likely be very different from what I do in a years time. It’s a tough balance between finding a routine that works for me now and not wanting to accept that it will be my routine forever. I know for a fact that many things I have to do today I won’t have to do in the future. At the same time much will remain so it’s those things that I have to focus my energy on.

A good analogy might be if you had an old car that you had to keep spending money to repair while also trying to save money for a new car. If you don’t fix the old car you won’t be able to drive but if you keep putting money into that car you’ll never be able to afford a new one. You have to find a good balance that allows you to keep living how you are but also have hope that it won’t be like this forever, and one day you will have the new car. Or I guess you could just lease it I guess…

Overall though, I guess you could say I’m content. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, I don’t even know. But in the grand scheme of things, I’m really doing pretty well compared to the better half of the people in this world. Just appreciate what you have and remember that there’s somebody else out there that would kill to have what you have. The ever-increasing realization of the fleeting of time makes me want to grab the head of whomever I talk to and emphasize how important it is to take advantage of each and every opportunity and make the most of each day because within an instant it can all change and so much of what you take for granted will be lost just like.

Happy holidays folks.

6 thoughts on “Long time coming

  1. Jared, It is so good to hear from you! This is such a beautiful message. Thank you! Thinking of you and happy holidays to you as well.


  2. You write so clearly about your situation, your struggles, your reality and your quest to understand your ever changing environment. Especially as every minute change is such a big deal. Sending love and healing your way every day!


  3. Making the most of everyday and appreciating the little things live has. Thank you for reminding us of this as we tend to forget that. Thanks for the update. We are thinking of you and sending all the best. Keep warm. Take care, Wanda


  4. I say keep going for that new car! But stay patient while you are working on the old one. 🙂 You are quite a writer, Jared, and we appreciate every word of your updates.

    Much love, Cousin Sue (Wronsky)


  5. Jared……..
    YOU, are one amazing young man! Your words are so deeply moving and I admire you beyond belief!

    Heaps and heaps of hugs,
    Aunt Maryann


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